Online Training Program


What is included with your custom program?

  • Video chat for initial consultation and exit meeting 
  • 6 to 12 month program of your choice

Who is this program for? 

  • Beginner with basic knowledge of weight training and intermediate lifters who want to take their fitness life to the next level
  • Men & women looking to lose fat, build muscle, and look/feel better. Overall goal is to live a healthier lifestyle
  • All programs are created by Corey Clapp

Are there any requirements? Yes!

  • Must have a gym membership! 
  • This is mandatory to follow custom programming created for you
  • Must have access to Google documents, or Apple notes

What are rates for the custom training program?

A one time fee of $300

  • The one time fee covers your initial consultation, custom training design, and explantation of your program


  • $20 a month, which includes a video chat for 30 minutes once per month to touch base, answer any questions, and make edits to your program