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Owner/Founder | Fitness Coach

Hey, Coach Corey here!

Here are some things you should know about me:

I am a Fitness Coach and certified Personal Trainer (a list of my certifications can be found below).  My mission is to help 30- to 50- year old men and women look and feel like they did in their 20's!!

Most of my clients have young families and busy jobs, so my training focuses on exercises that train their muscles to work together and prepare them for those daily tasks by simulating common movements they might do at home, at work or in recreational sports. This ultimately improves my clients' overall health, physical fitness, appearance and sense of well-being. I can do this for you, too, and get you looking great in a T-shirt!!

As for my experience, I have played almost every sport you can think of, including being a member of my State Championship varsity high school soccer team and winning numerous awards running track. I also was a soccer player at the PDL level. 

The training and conditioning I received through my extensive sports education and experiences triggered my interest in pursuing becoming a personal trainer as a career. I have now been in the fitness industry for almost a decade, working in various commercial gyms and private studios. I most recently was the Personal Training Manager at Retro Fitness of Fairfield, the biggest Retro Fitness facility in the country.

All of this experience has helped to develop me into the Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer that I am today. 

Going forward, I am consistently growing, improving, and learning to be a better Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. I continue to pursue those new certifications that I feel will help me best serve my clients.

My passion for fitness fuels my dedication to help my clients achieve their own goals and creates a positive and supportive atmosphere. With me as your coach you can be confident that you will achieve the results you want. No one is more dedicated than I am to getting you healthier and in the shape you want to be. 

I also expect and demand the same level of passion and personal commitment from my employees at C2 Fitness.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!!


• RVCC Exercise Science, Associates Degree


• NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

• NASM - Weight Loss Specialist (WLS)

• TRX Qualified Instructor - Group Training Course

• TRX Qualified Instructor - RIP Training Course

• TRX Qualified Instructor - Functional Training Course

• KBC - Certified Kettlebell Instructor

• TriggerPoint Therapy – Level 1 Foam Rolling

• American Red Cross - CPR/AED Certified