Brittney was someone who struggled with body image and weight gain throughout most of her life. She has a deep understanding of how weight gain takes a toll on you emotionally, mentally, and physically. When she gained 35 pounds, making it her highest weight at 175, not only was she extremely unhappy with her outward appearance, but it consumed her everyday life. Her daily thoughts consisted of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, thinking everyone was judging her, and worrying about every bit of food she put in her mouth. All of which caused stress, which in return made her unhappy and extremely discouraged to stay motivated to lose the weight.

It was through these struggles that she discovered her true passion for fitness and nutrition. She then decided to attend West Chester University and graduated with a degree in Health/Physical Education. Finding her true passion in helping others is what motivated her to become a Personal Trainer. Now she dedicates her life to helping others create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Truth is, unwanted weight gain is never a pleasurable experience for anyone and it can become a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight throughout your life. Through her own experience she understands the day to day struggle of weight gain, which is why she specializes in weight loss and toning. Her main goal as a health coach is to make every client feel comfortable and supported throughout their journey. Weight loss is never easy, but when you have someone like Brittney on your side who understands your struggles and is as dedicated as you are to achieving your goals, it becomes a win-win situation.

Let Brittney be the health coach that will help you get your self-confidence back and make you look and feel as beautiful as you know you are.


• Degree in Health/Physical Education, West Chester University


• NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

• NETA - Certified Wellness Coach

• TRX Qualified Instructor - Group Training Course 

• TriggerPoint Therapy - Level 1  Foam Rolling  

• DotFIT - Certified Fitness Professional 

• American Heart Association - Adult CPR/AED and First Aid